Cruising is the most laid back style of longboarding, it’s all about pushing around and enjoying the beautiful world as the wind whistles past your ears. For some, getting into longboarding for the adrenaline is not an option – they just want a way out from the world to relax and think. During a nice cruise there will be lots of carving, slow or fast, as you go down your canyon trail, park, or neighborhood. Some will throw in a little bit of freeride and speed checks, it’s all up to you when cruising. Anyone who likes to longboard usually likes a good cruise every now and again, but for a dedicated cruising setup there isn’t a lot to worry about when setting up your board.

Board Setup

A good cruiser will come from any sort of board depending on what you like. In general stick to a longer board, anywhere from 38-46”, no concave, keep it nice and flat, and before buying look at your local shop to stand on a few; the most important thing here is that you’re comfortable. Another attribute to look into would be flex, try a flexy board and try a stiff board, you never know what you’ll like more for just cruising. The flexy board will be easier on the knees and can give a bouncy carve, the stiff board will grip and feel rigid. Check out ‘Choosing a Board’ for more information.

When it comes to trucks get a pair that has a fairly open bushing seat and buy a pair of bushings that match your weight, this will give you big carves and control over the direction of the board. More information about trucks and bushings in the ‘Choosing Trucks’ section.

For a cruiser wheel, anything from 68-75mm would work perfect, for good carves look in the 72-75mm range with a square lip and for more of a skateboard feel get a 68-70mm rounded wheel. The square lip will give you a nice grippy carve which grip may translate into loss of speed, the round wheel will maintain speed but will be a little rougher when riding over pebbles or cracks, it also gives a better potential for sliding and speed checks. Check out ‘Choosing Wheels’ to get the full scoop on wheels.