Dancing in longboarding is one of the more artistic and generally a flat-land style of longboarding. Dancing literally means the rider is dancing along the board, cross stepping, and rotating their body. The result of such movements makes it look like you are literally surfing the road. There are many techniques and ‘moves’ when it comes to dancing, it may be simple to learn many of the moves but making them seem fluid and together will take time and practice.

Board Setup:

When it comes to dancing you will literally want a long board. Having a lengthy board will give you plenty of room to move your feet and walk up and down the board. It is possible to do it on a board that is shorter but for the most part stick to a range of about 42”-48”. Also having a flexible board benefits a dancer giving you a nice bouncy rebound when you carve. A board that is 48” is bound to have some flex anyhow.

As for trucks you’ll want some that can carve well, so changing out the stock bushings is a must. Get yourself some cone bushings for your weight and and a truck that has a fairly open bushing seat and you’ll maximize your carving ability.

Lastly, wheels should be good carving wheels. You’re not going to be doing a lot of speed activities on a dancer so a wheel in the 70-72mm range with a square lip for grip will suffice just fine. Some incorporate speed checks and other slide mechanics, keeping the wheel at or below 72mm would make this ideal.