Slaloming is similar to the slalom associated to snow/water skiing, it is when you weave in and out of obstacles down a course or around whatever is facing you. In competition slalom the rider with the best time down the course wins, slalom can also be associated to weaving in and out of obstacles on sidewalks and city streets. Riders use a technique called ‘pumping’ to maintain speed, that is gyrating the body and maintaining continuous carve to propel themselves.

Board Setup

A slalom board can come in many styles, the length generally sitting around 36”-40” keeping the wheel base short enough to provide good turn radius and carving ability. A top mount board will give you more leverage and carve for your lean.

Get a truck that has great carving praise, with a more open bushing seat and medium to soft bushings in the trucks you’ll get some serious carve and control.

Wheels should be square lipped, soft and grippy, and anywhere from 70-75mm to give you the control you need to make it down the course, or around those obstacles without slipping.