Techsliding is a style of skateboarding where the rider performs many different types of slides very quickly. It also has an artistic side where the slides are executed slowly and without break. Sergio Yuppie is a renown Techslider as you can see in the picture below he is able to get into inhuman positions while sliding and recover without any problems.

When learning Techsliding its a good idea to get good protection from falls and also it will take a lot of balance to be a good Techslider and that will only come with lots of practice. The gear itself is also used quite often when techsliding to actually perform a specific slide, Sergio Yuppie is known to use all his equipment when sliding, including his helmet. Techsliding has a very tight-knit community, they all share a fairly specific opinion of what is good for Techsliding. There are a few variants in boards and wheels, but generally they are all the same shape and length for the board and for wheels they are small and hard.

Board Setup

Techsliding has the classic ‘Popsicle’ shape deck, like most street skateboards, with a length between 32”-36” . Earthwing is the most well known and trusted manufacturer for Techslide, the Jailbird, Steve Kong Pro Model, Executioner, and Drifter being some of their top models. There are other great manufacturers like Bustin who make amazing techslide boards.

For trucks Techsliding uses the Traditional Kingpin truck (TKP) that is common on most street skateboards. There are a few Reverse Kingpin truck (RKP) models for Techsliding, but for the most part RKP is most common in general longboarding. Again the Techslide community has a strong voice for particulars when it comes to trucks, Indy 169 mm are by far the most common recommendation. If you’re down to spend more money for the precision Techslide truck, Surf Rodz IndeeSZ is the way to go. Like most trucks you’ll want to get some bushings for this as well, Bones Hardcore mediums being the most recommended. For more information about trucks, visit the ‘Choosing Trucks’ section.

Lastly we come to wheels, and again there is one main recommendation and that is the Earthwing Slide A’s. Other common wheels are the Abec 11 Sublime, and Earthwing Ultra-Slides. As mentioned above what you’re going to be looking for is a smaller wheel in the 62-64mm range that has a hard durometer (generally in the high 90s) which allows for the super slidey look and feel that is Techsliding.