The Goal

Longboarding is a very versatile sport with many aspects that fit a wide demographic. Anything from simply cruising around town, commuting to school or work, carving down your favorite hills, learning to slide and freeride, to 50+ mile an hour runs down a mountain.

This resource is going to help you start your longboarding experience by giving you all the newest information and best products out there to keep you safe, help you achieve your goals, and spread the stoke of longboarding.

The Community

The longboarding community can be very tight knit, at the same time they are open to help and accept new ‘members’ into the group. When first starting out with longboarding don’t be afraid to ask questions and look for help. No matter what city you live in there will be a group of longboarders.
The community can be very positive, but just like any subculture you’ll find those that will judge and reject you. Longboarding is such an exhilarating, freeing, and relaxing experience; don’t take the hate too seriously. Stay open and positive as you continue your longboarding experience, this will keep the stoke alive. By staying open you’ll see other riders’ preferences in boards, wheels, bearings, riding styles, and any other aspect of longboarding and respect them. Your riding styles and preferences may change, it’s very important to stay open and try new things.
There are many communities online that are always available and sharing content about longboarding. Immerse yourself in some of the best places to get information about longboarding.

Before you begin

Before buying your first longboard you need to determine what it is you want out of longboarding. Some are in it for the ‘chill’ factor, they just want to cruise and feel the wind on their face. Some are in it for the adrenaline and want to go fast, others are in it for the carving, freeriding, and a slight downhill. By thinking about this first, it will be easier to select a setup that caters to that desire. If you are unsure, check out the ‘Styles’ section to get an overview of the different styles of longboarding, and find more information by clicking on ‘Choosing a Board’